Building Services in London

Extensions in London

Being builders in London we have noticed over the last few years that for many people, building an extension has become the alternative to moving home. You can save yourself money, stay local to the areas you know and increase the value of your home.

With this in mind we here at O'Connor Building Services, along with our architects take pride in our innovative designs because offering you house extensions is what we do.

The Perfect Choice

With our building services in London we can provide you with the extra space you have been needed, and you don't have to stick to the norm, you have the opportunity to create something a little different such as:

Open Plan Kitchens
Dining Rooms
Additional Lounges and Living rooms

The possibilities are endless; with a proven track record of building extensions for a quarter of a century we have learned how to make the most of your budget and your space.

Professional Contractors

Being builders in London we offer a complete range of professional building services, and a team of professional contractors. These include specialised architects, imaginative designers and what we regard as the best builders in London.

We work closely from planning applications with free consultation, and can supply a product which is one of the best, if not the best building services

Professional Cleaning Service

One thing we always do is tidy up after ourselves. We work too hard to mess up your home so we employ professional cleaners to come in and do our tidying up. They make a great job and we can trust their work. No matter where we build in the UK we get specialists in to help make your home look great again. Our preferred company is based in Glasgow. They do all our work for us. They only travel outside their area for other builders in the UK that they have an affiliation with but they do work in the Glasgow area. If you are in Glasgow and looking for job well done, then check out where they cover.